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Raw Materials

Coconut Husk has been procured 100 Kms surroundings from various coconut farms transported by trucks deliver to our factory. Immediately after removing the nuts, these Coconut Husk are stored in controlled place free from weeds, seeds and contaminations with clean environment. Note: All the coconut farm are our own property.

Coir Pith

Coir Pith as raw material collected from various fiber mills in and around 100 Kms. surroundings by our own trucks. Its stored in properly age wise segregated yards. These places are completely controlled from weeds, seeds and contaminations with clean environment. Note: Almost 90% of coir pith is collected from our own facility.


Meadow is located in a hot climate belt. Here the summer temperature range between 30°C to 42°C and winter temperature are cooler 20°C to 30°C. This climate is best suited for drying. One of the core strengths of Meadow is the drying yard.


we have latest equipments for processing. We have a revolving screener and sand separators to ensure the quality.


Meadow has a very large area for storing the raw materials age wise, which is completely free from seeds, weeds and other foreign materials also to ensure the quality, We have a highly efficient and trained quality control team. Once you use our product, we are sure you will name us "THE BEST".


  • Netherland
  • Australia
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • USA

Expansion of Cocopeat Blocks