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A perfect Growing Medium

Bio degradable coir substrates for maintainable agricultureuses and it is applicable for diverse planting methods.

What we do


At Meadow, we target proving the growers worldwide with premium quality coco peat, coco coir or coconut coir, coir fiber, coir fiber products, coir substrates.

Meadow is a significant manufacture and export unit of the Amman Group of Companies which has been proving their ability over 35+ years of trade.

Based out of Coimbatore, we now export our products world wide, majorly to Europe, Australia, South Korea, China and USA. 


Growing the perfect plants is directly proportionate in understanding the factors that influence the grown. Coconut Fiber Products : Harnessing nature's versatile fiber for sustainable solutions. We clearly are aware of your needs and we make our products based on individual needs of your crops


Certification - SA 8000
Certification - OMRI
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