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About us

Meadowindia leading manufacturer & exporters of coco peat & coir pith in india, tamilnadu

Meadow is a significant manufacture and export unit of the Amman Group of Companies which has been proving their ability over 35+ years of trade


We target proving the growers worldwide with premium quality coir fiber, coir fiber products , coir substrates.

Based out of Coimbatore, we now export our products world wide, majorly to Europe, Australia, South Korea, China and USA. We look forward to grow bigger by associating to growers and potting soil manufacturers worldwide. We aim at providing the best of quality products to our customers and bring pride to the place we are from.


We are situated in a place with tropical climates where we grow lush green coconut trees. Our place is known for vibrant growth of coconut trees. Our raw materials are harvested from these trees and are made sure to retain the richness of natural minerals from our plans to products.


What we do

We customize coir substrates, to meet your requirements and to suit your growing pattern. With our experienced team we guide you on the best possible growing solutions.

We aim at providing premium quality product, thereby helping your plants thrive and your business flourish. We always believe in working and growing together. 



We have our own logistics used for transportation from raw material to end product. We clean the containers with water and air after each transportation to ensure there are no contaminations or mixup.


We comply the RHP terms and monitor our manufacturing process as per standards. We ensure that the best is provided to our customers by monitoring the quality parameters at our in-house laboratory which operates 24/7.

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