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Raw Material

We collect the raw materials form the locally grown coconut tress which pass through our quality checks before we procure them into units.


We take privilege in owning the best of coconut tress whose by-products can be processed into coir peat and husk chips that provide all possibilities to regenerate soil. We focus on delivering these renewable and natural products to our clients worldwide.

Our process of getting your desired products from our natural and nourishing raw materials is briefed below for your perusal.



The Coir beater machine is in charge of breaking the raw coconut husks and giving out the fibre using the beating principle


Peat extraction

The coconut husk pieces and the peat from fibre are separated and the outlet conveyer extracts the raw coconut peat


The coconut peat then passes through the hands of our experienced staff for the quality checks and moves onto manufacturing process.



The raw pith is aged between 3 to 6 months to ensure the stability of the material properties.

Washing and Buffering

Our extensive washing process which lasts over multiple weeks helps in reaching the accurate EC and pH levels and other parameters as per RPH standards. This process enables in reducing the default salt contents and eliminating the excess elements.



The Cleaned Pith is then sun dried on high walled concrete yards to ensure the extract is free from weeds and other pathogens. We use natural drying process, so that the natural properties of this “Natural Product” is not disturbed


The Dried Pith is then moved manually to the production line which is equipped with double screeners and double de-stoning machines and compressing machines to bring out the efficient compressed blocks/slabs of any size and mixture to enable our grower to receive the best yield.


Quality Checks

Our quality control team of experienced staff takes charge of doing intensive checking processes to ensure the products are free of impurities and ensure the product standards.


Packing of Products

The processed products are then packed in UV bags/palletized/ floor loaded on container as per requirement


Logistics and Shipping

Our logistics team then promptly transports the products from our facilities to the desired delivery locations.

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