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Though the utilization of machinery is in full swing, Meadow takes pride in rooting itself to its traditional values grounded to an eco-centric philosophy. Meadow is an amalgamation of technology and nature working in harmony. As the ventures of Meadow rely on Mother Nature, Meadow has taken the responsibility of fostering and nurturing the environment. To this effect, large private ponds for water storage have been built. These ponds have the capacity to hold water required to process for three months.

The wastewater from the process is stored, goes through sedimentation and the clear water is used to irrigate coconut trees. Thus water wastage is minimized. Investments in windmills have been in full swing paving the way for self-generated electricity with which the factory is run. Nature is self-reliant and at Meadow, we try to mirror nature. Going the extra mile, many saplings have been planted over the years so the future generations will inherit from us green earth.Amman Group's family consists of each and every individual who works with us and for us. It consists of villages that surround us and play a big part in our success.


As a token of gratitude, we conduct medical awareness programs for the nearby villages and social awareness programs on hygiene, technology and farming. School students are given guidance on higher education and career opportunities. Regular yoga classes are conducted for workers to help them balance work load and household responsibilities with physical and mental health. Wholesome growth leads to sustainable development, wherein the environment is healthy and nature is preserved, people are happy with good health and economic stability, and we are able to give the next generation green and bountiful earth with a fresh breath of quality. Amman Groups, Meadow.

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